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Middle School Basketball Schedule

Maple Manor Elementary/Middle School

Boys and Girls Basketball Schedule


Doors open to the public @ 5:30

December 12th                                    Maple Manor @ McAdoo                             AWAY

December 14th                                    Maple Manor @ Heights                               AWAY

December 16th                                    Maple Manor @ Freeland                             AWAY

December 19th                                    West Hazleton @ Maple Manor                   HOME

December 21st                                     Maple Manor @ Holy Family (Boys)           AWAY

January 4th                                         Maple Manor @ Valley                                 AWAY

January 5th                                          MMI @ Maple Manor                                   HOME

January 9th                                          Maple Manor @ Drums                                AWAY

Feburary 13th                                      Hazleton (Castle) @ Maple Manor               HOME

January 13th                                        McAdoo @ Maple Manor                             HOME

January 17th                                        Freeland @ Maple Manor                             HOME

January 19th                                        Heights @ Maple Manor                               HOME

January 24th                                        Maple Manor @ West Hazleton                   AWAY

January 26th                                        Holy Family @ Maple Manor (Boys)           HOME

January 31st                                        Valley @ Maple Manor                                 HOME

February 2nd                                       Maple Manor @ MMI                                   AWAY

February 7th                                        Drums @ Maple Manor                                HOME

February 9th                                        Maple Manor @ Hazleton (Castle)               AWAY